Weekly Mowing Service – Norwich & East Lyme CT 

Weekly Mowing Service, Norwich, CT

Don’t forget about AJC’s weekly mowing service. We can assist in keeping your yard well kept and grass mowed all sumer long.

Walkway Installation – Colchester CT 

Walkway Install - Colchester, CT

AJC does jobs big to small. Check out this simple walkway installation in Colchester, CT.

Driveway Installation – Old Lyme CT 

Driveway Install - Old Lyme, CT

AJC provided landscaping services in this rough terrain driveway installation in Old Lyme, CT. Drainage of water was a major part of this project. [huge_it_gallery id=”10″]

Landscape Job – Waterford, CT Before & After 

Here is one of AJC’s most recent landscaping jobs in Waterford, CT. The pictures below describe a small backyard remodel with a stonewall build and ground leveling. Our dump truck and bobcats were brought in to deliver dirt and level the ground area behind the fence. Take a look at the before and after photos. […]

Landscaping Job 


This is our most recent landscaping job